FINAL REPORT: “Effects of Industry 4.0 on FDI in the Visegrád countries”

 As our project comes to an end we are very happy to announce that the Final Report “Effects of Industry 4.0 on FDI in the Visegrád countries” co-authored by Marta Götz, Andrea Éltető, Magdolna Sass, Jana Vlčková, Andrea Zacharová, Sonia Ferencikova, Josef Bič, Magdalena Kaczkowska-Serafińska is out (electronic version only). 

It offers a broader insight into the impact the Industry 4.0 could exert on foreign direct investments flowing to Visegrad countries and discusses the implications of digital transformation on firms’ competitiveness and host locations’ attractiveness. 

We hope you will find this publication interesting and wish you a happy reading!

Project Team


Country Reports

We are happy to announce the results of our research. 

Four country chapters provide the Polish, Slovak, Czech and Hungarian perspectives of studied topic, whereas the final report (coming soon!) offers broader insight into “Industry 4.0 impact on FDI in V4”. 

We wish you happy reading!

Final Conference

Due to unprecedented and uncertain situation caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, we decided to make our final conference summarizing the VF project – originally planned to be hosted in Budapest on 5. October 2020 – completely online. This event will be organized by IWE and will present the results of the project „Effects of Industry 4.0 on FDI in the Visegrád countries” coordinated by the Vistula University, Warsaw The event will be held online, via Zoom –; on October 5th.

Program of the Conference


Effects of Industry 4.0 FDI in the Visegrad countries

Seminar 04.02.2020 – expert workshop

The workshop-type seminar on February 4 was the first of the events scheduled within the project “Effects of Industry 4.0 on FDI in the Visegrád countries” financed by the Visegrad Fund. It was intended to prepare further project work, including the organization of a conference in October 2020 in Budapest.

The seminar was an opportunity to exchange experiences gained so far from conducting in-depth interviews with experts and from the critical literature review. It allowed for an exchange of views, consultation and discussion with participants – academic teachers, scholars and analysts from think tanks. The conclusions and main findings from the seminar will help us proceed with the next project tasks and undoubtedly will have a positive impact on the final research report.

Seminar presentations:


Seminar 04.02.2020

Our first Seminar is coming up!

On February 4th, 2020 Vistula hosts the Seminar on „Industry 4.0 effects on FDI in Visegrad Group” –  Agenda

This workshop is meant as one out of two events planned within this Visegrad Fund financed project. It aims at exchanging experience, sharing first preliminary findings, seek the opinion of invited experts and serves as a forum for consultations.